For Parents


School Choice Consultation

Navigating the vast array of schools in Tampa

Here in Hillsborough County, Florida, there are literally hundreds of schools for all kinds of learners.  We have a public school system that’s one of the largest in the country (including neighborhood, magnet, charter, IB) and Tampa also has hundreds of private schools.  It’s difficult to know, as a parent, what your individual child needs and where to find it.  Dr. Russell can help you navigate through the choices. For families who are also searching for additional services and therapies for ADHD, autism, learning differences, and giftedness.  

Services available for local families and those relocating to Tampa.  

Dr. Russell has expertise with both typical children and those with special needs. 

Parent Coaching

The Basics of Love, Listening, and Connection

Too often, parenting books and philosophies focus on managing behavior and discipline. But children learn and develop into their best selves when they are authentically connected to their parents, feel safe, and are genuinely respected. Learn what children and teens really need through this series of four positive, encouraging coaching sessions. Practical guidance and helpful tips on how to build connection (even with difficult children or teens), methods for really listening, ways to work together to solve problems, and helpful tips for establishing a peaceful home and happy family life are provided.

Four individual sessions, $550

Parent Coaching

Solving Your Specific Problems

Things not working at home? Do you feel frustrated, burnt out, and wondering why you even had kids? Are you struggling with feelings of sadness or disappointment when you reflect on your parenting style? Dr. Russell provides practical, manageable, successful solutions to your specific parenting challenges, while supporting you personally. You won’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, only empowered and confident.

Pricing dependent on number of sessions.

Parent Coaching

Tools You NEED for a New ADHD Diagnosis

Lots of emotions can accompany getting an ADHD diagnosis for your child. And that diagnosis can be complicated by anxiety, learning differences, troubles at school, conflict at home, and ASD. This set of sessions begins with a review of your child’s records and reports from which Dr. Russell draws customized recommendations for managing home and school. Parents become trained in what actually works for their child with ADHD, often after years of struggling with what doesn’t. This set of five powerful sessions addresses all aspects of life with ADHD.

Five individual sessions plus text/email/phone support between sessions, $750

Workshop for Moms of Children with ADHD

This workshop is offered four times annually at Dr. Russell’s Carrollwood location or by request at other locations.

One-day workshop, $175

(includes materials and lunch)