For Students

Academic Coaching

Improving Skills, Improving Achievement.

Appropriate for grades 3-12, Academic Coaching provides hands-on academic skill building for student. Academic Coaching is designed to improve student habits, grades, and motivation while decreasing parent supervision and family conflict. Students meet weekly with Dr. Russell to set and achieve academic goals and build skills within a positive, encouraging one-on-one program environment. Academic Coaching is a unique practice that integrates psychology and academic skill development.  

Pricing can be provided for monthly billing or for an entire semester.

College Success Coaching

Available in Tampa Bay and across the country 

College students sometimes need someone to help them bridge the gap between high school and college success.  College requires a much higher level of organization, independence and motivation.  Dr. Russell provides College Success Coaching on an individual basis to help students make the leap from adolescence to competent young adult.  Dr. Russell works with undergraduate students at all types of colleges including prestigious four-year schools, community colleges like Hillsborough Community College, and local universities including University of Tampa, University of South Florida, and St. Leo College.

Adolescent Life Coaching

Setting Goals, Coping with Life’s Problems

Appropriate for middle and high school students, life coaching uses a positive, strengths-based approach to setting goals and building skills.  Life coaching can be used to build self-esteem, develop social skills, work on peer relationships, build goals for the future, learn resiliency and coping skills, and manage the challenges of being a teenager! 

Pricing dependent on number of sessions.

ADHD Coaching

Finally Something That Works!

Appropriate for youth of all ages, ADHD Coaching is an adaptation of academic coaching that uses specific tools and techniques based on up-to-date, accurate neurological information about how the ADHD brain works and learns.  Common frustrations with motivation, starting tasks, finishing tasks, time management, using a planner, and other executive functioning skills are all addresses. Parents achieve a new understanding of how to work with their student without conflict and students get a fresh, blame-free start!

Pricing can be provided for monthly billing or for an entire semester.

Summer Programs

Info coming soon!