About Dr. Russell’s work with students:

"We contacted Dr. Russell because our smart, talented, spirited daughter was not achieving to her potential in school (8th grade), was disorganized, and she wasn’t following any suggestions or techniques we tried to implement. Dr. Russell was extremely helpful because she first of all connected with our daughter and then was able to help her with organization, task initiation, long-term project planning, and self-esteem. Now, my child can do her homework without being asked. Her grades have dramatically improved. She has gone from Cs, Ds, and even failing a class to As and Bs. She has confidence in herself and a much better attitude about school. We are ALL much happier!"

"Dr. Russell has relieved the stress of our daily homework battle. My child is taking responsibility for his assignments and learning to be organized. He is getting positive feedback after many years of feeling like a failure. He is gaining confidence that he can be successful in school."

“We contacted Dr. Russell because our son was having trouble keeping up with the pace in private school. Dr. Russell worked with our son to help organize his weekly activities and plan out into the future for future work. Now our son is comfortable with his weekly workload and recently made the honor roll. Dr. Russell was instrumental in helping our son make great academic strides."

"We contacted Dr. Russell because we wanted to be proactive after our son's diagnosis and had already exhausted most traditional therapies. She has helped our entire family unit and been such a blessing in our lives. She is the missing piece for all parents struggling with the everyday challenges that affect kids with ADD. She has been instrumental in creating a long-term treatment plan for our son. Her guidance has kept me going through some tough days!"  

“Norrine is an exceptional coach for our son and was especially important during our difficult time of a family transition during which we relied on help from Norrine. She made a significant difference in both our son’s emotional outlook and school performance.”

“Dr. Russell understands students’ needs while they struggle with the development into adolescence and she is incredibly gifted at guiding them to access their best selves. She strengthens their confidence while developing their self-worth.”


About Dr. Russell’s work with parents:

“I felt the workshop was like a compass pointing me to the right direction.  You patiently answered my questions, listen to my comments and shared your personal journey with all of us with humor, compassion and love.”

“When you work with Dr. Russell, she listens very carefully and provides you with such amazing insights combined with concrete, practical, common-sense solutions. And explains it all in a positive, encouraging way, never blaming or shaming you.”

“If we could figure out how to talk to our teens the way she talks to us, we would be amazing parents.”

“What an amazing day spent with a group of amazing moms! Thanks, Norrine, for sharing your knowledge, expertise and your heart with us.”

“Dr. Russell’s warm, conversational-style advice, coupled with easy and practical tips, helped parents walk away with renewed energy and a genuine sense of ‘I’ve got this.’”

"Spending the day with Dr. Russell and many other moms during the workshop who "understand" what we're experiencing on a daily basis is a life-saver!  The information presented during the workshop is invaluable, but the time spent getting to know Dr. Russell and other moms was truly inspiring and such a great source of comfort to me.  Dr. Russell's sweet, gentle heart and calm demeanor is such a gift; she has blessed my life tremendously!  This workshop is a "must" for moms who have a child with ADHD; your heart will be touched both during and after the workshop.  The information you receive will help you move ahead and will help your family get through the difficult times.

 “I am a better mother to my ADHD son after spending the day with Norrine. I learned practical real-world tips from this retreat. Norrine is one of the most empathic specialists I have ever met. She genuinely cares about mothers of kids with ADHD and knows what she's talking about.”